Who We Are

Broad River Energy Center is a 5x0 Simple Cycle Generating Facility producing electricity under a long term tolling agreement located in Gaffney, South Carolina. Broad River utilizes 5 GE 7FA.03 gas turbine generators for the generation of electrical power. The units can be on the grid and supplying power within 15 minutes to help serve peak and emergency loads.

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At a Glance

Location: Gaffney, SC
MW: 881
Fuel: Natural Gas (Primary)
          Distillate Fuel Oil (Back-up)
Technology: Simple Cycle
Commercial Operation: 2000 - Present


Owned By

Broad River Energy Center is owned by
Energy Capital Partners (ECP) and managed by
its affiliate, Wheelabrator Technologies.


Contact Us

1124 Victory Trail Road
Gaffney, SC 29340

(864) 761-3023

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